Our Services

Our Services

Below, a comprehensive list of all the services we currently offer

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Brick Cleaning

Specialist chemical cleaning to give homes a fresh look

With over 100 live sites, our Brick Cleaning department is fast becoming one of the largest in the North West, providing specialist chemical brick cleaning for some of the biggest house builders in the country, including NHBC Pride In The Job winning sites.
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Window Cleaning

with the Revolutionary Reach and Wash Pole System!

This relatively new concept of window cleaning has revolutionised the window cleaning industry, as its many benefits far outweigh other cleaning methods. The method uses 100% pure water, that has been produced via a 5 stage treatment system including reverse osmosis and mixed bed de-mineralising resin

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Restore lost efficiency and make your panels work like new!

Over time the Solar Panels on your home can collect dirt and debris due to adverse weather conditions, which can reduce their overall effectiveness. We provide Solar Panel Cleaning to homes across the North West to restore them to full working order!

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Graffiti Removal

More details coming soon

More details coming soon

NEW! - Internal Cleaning

More details coming soon

More details coming soon